Chronic Illness will lose, when we have strength in numbers


To provide  opportunities to aid, educate, and inspire families/individuals who are battling chronic disease

Chronic Illness will lose, when we have strength in numbers


To provide  opportunities to aid, educate, and inspire families/individuals who are battling chronic disease


Our Mission

The TCM Foundation in 100% Non Profit Organization in Utah, to help local communities with health related expenses. We specialize in Events, Trainings, and amateur competitions that help raise funds, and locate an individual, family, or organization in need of support to battle chronic disease.

How Do You Qualify?

If you are an Individual, Family, or Organization that is in need of funding, fundraising, or resources to help your fight in ridding the world of Chronic Disease, then you qualify. All you have to do is fill out the form at the top.  Not all applications are chosen, however all applications are considered.

What Constitutes Chronic Disease?


-Diabetes 1 and 2

- Heart Disease

- Clinical Depression

- alzheimers

-in special cases alcohol and substance abuse*

- anything that is diagnosed by an M.D. or P.Hd * that is causing out of pocket expenses, and not allowing you or your family to properly cope with and heal from these illness's

Where do all the donations go?

The money donated to the fund is dispersed but limited to the following ways in order to advance the mission:

  • -Pay off out of pocket medical bills
  • - Hire specialists to help with recovery, or practices that help in the betterment  of recipients health. (physical, or addiction recovery)
  • - Help fund in special cases gym memberships to help with metabolic diseases
  • - Pay for trainings, group counseling and therapies for said diseases/illnesses deemed appropriate by fund officers.
  • - Sponsor organizations that are doing research and development of cures for chronic illness's and diseases
  • - Events or Activities that drive the community health initiative 

How Can You Help?

  • Sponsor an Event, Individual, Or Family: Donate Sponsorship money Directly to the people, or event
  • Purchases: If an event or fundraiser is being held, then purchasing items that help support the fund
  • VOLUNTEERING: Time is money, volunteering at an event or to help raise money, or speaking/training , personal training, or gym memberships, go a long way in helping our community.

Our Promise

To be an advocate for health and wellness in the community. Eradicate any affiliation that doesn't follow suit with the mission.

No one single person owns TCM Foundation Inc. it is run by a CEO and board of directors dedicated to allowing the mission to be accomplished and to be a force of good in a world, that is increasingly becoming more sick from these Illness's.

GOALS: Lifetime

Tier One: Sponsor 25 Families/individuals/Org.

Tier Two: Sponsor 100 "  "

Tier Three: Sponsor 500 " "

Tier Four: Sponsor 1000 Families/Individuals/Org.

2019 Goal:

Sponsor 5 Families /Individuals/ Org.

The Well We Draw From


We are connected extensively to the fitness community. Our connection with trainers, coaches, and specialists has helped us grow this foundation into the passionate service project it has become


Experiences and community gatherings are amazing tools to help further our mission.  We love getting involved with the companies, people, and activities that allow us to raise funds for the people that are in need.


We believe that there is so much information, practices, and trainings out there, that can help this initiative to destroy chronic disease, or help relieve the burden of its effects.  We want to partner up with professionals, educators, and ambassadors that have the same drive, dedication, and passion we do about human health.


How do we select those in need?


The TCM Foundation has three part process in which we choose to allocate relief

Click for more details



Donate to the Fund that is looking for 1000 families

Our 2019 Current Business Donors


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The TCM Foundation

691 E 355 N Vineyard, UT 84059 US

(801) 669-2887 Email: instagram: @thechacomethod_llc




Message us to set up an appointment, by phone or in person. We will try to get back to you ASAP.

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