Our transparent method in allocating the funds we raise.



We start off by researching different communities around the surrounding areas, and the united states for those that are currently undergoing strife caused by Chronic Disease/Illness. We also look at our community nomination application list for cases that stick out.

Once, the board of directors determine, who the  family or individual is that will receive funds, we then issue an invitation, directly written by the Founder or A Founding Director of the TCM Foundation to be able to raise funds on the families behalf.

Any family or individual can qualify for nomination that :

  • Currently lives with  someone in their household suffering from a medically diagnosed chronic disease or may be suffering from a medically diagnosed chronic disease themselves
  • They have specific needs that they are paying out of pocket, or simply can't afford the treatment for this illness
  • Has someone in their immediate family (Spouse, Child or Child that you they have legal guardianship over, Someone they legally had power of attorney over in order to make decisions on their behalf. *all may be subject to inquiry and proof of legal documents stating these facts.)


Once selected the family will then sit down with the family/individual and determine the exact needs that they will use the relief for. (i.e. Specific medical expenses related directly to or affected by the chronic illness, Hiring of a specialist in order to ease the healing process or growth of the patient or family unit.)

After these needs are determined as defined above, The Funding of the needs,  will then be further defined as a specific minimum amount promised over a specific period of time by the TCM Foundation by way of using funds that are stored from previous projects, or through a specific fundraising event or method. *We do not promise that the fund will cover ALL expenses, but very specific expenses. For the safety and peace of mind of our DONORS, these specific needs by consent of family but is not a requirement of the family nor the foundation to disclose, unless agreed upon by both family and foundation, or the foundation is legally obligated as a non-profit organization.


After the "Beneficiary" and the foundation has determined the above defined needs, then the fun begins. The TCM Foundation may pull funding from The Foundation's general fund, which was raised by previous years events, donations, and collections from individuals, groups, sponsors, and otherwise. (*The TCM Foundation does not receive nor is swayed in their decisions on allocating funds in association with any political parties or agendas. ) Or they will begin efforts on immediately planning fundraising efforts through special events, donation booths, and methods in kind. All funds used are a matter of public record, upon us submitting those records each year to the appropriate government accountability agency.

Once funds are either raised or dispersed, there will be an est. "Relief Allocation Agreement" of 3, 6, or 12 month relief. Defined as an agreement that the specific needs and expenses of the family that have been raised or promise will come in the form of monthly payment for specific expenses, over the duration of 3, 6, or 12 months dependent upon the details of the case, therefore, allows the freedom for additional events or efforts to be used for said case. (i.e. if agreement was $12,000 over the course of 12 months, the beneficiary will receive $1000 directed to the use for specific medical expenses  each month.)

*We do not give lump sum cash to any beneficiary, as protection for The Foundation upon the beneficiary being tempted to abuse the funds allocated to them.  This is also to protect the integrity of the foundation, and give peace of mind to the donor.


We take our position as a non-profit organization and the trust of our donors very seriously.  We want you to know that your contributions are furthering the mission of providing relief of families/individuals to grow and prosper while handling the limitations and hardships that are associated with chronic disease.  We are professionals that have years of experience dealing with those who are afflicted by this catastrophe, and will strive to hit our target goal of enriching the lives of 1000 families/individuals that struggle with this. In order to do that we need to be transparent with you, so that you can enrich your life through the gift of service.

Take the pledge by contributing via (not limited to)

  •  volunteering your time at one of our many upcoming events
  • collecting donations
  • sharing on your social media platforms and other forms of communication
  •  nominating families/individuals that qualify 
  • Donating directly
  • Company Sponsorship
  • Becoming an ambassador

For any other inquiries/comments

visit the contact us form and we will try to answer any and all questions as soon as we can!